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For images, pdf's and logos, click on the appropriate link for the file you wish to download. Your browser will automatically launch a window asking you whether to open the .zip file or save it. Save the file to your desired location. Open the .zip file (for PCs you can use Winzip or other compression software. For Macs, your computer will use the system uncompression software). The B-Roll footage will launch you to an external site hosting the footage.

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Low Res - 120 kb | High Res - 400 kb

Product Images

EasyBloom Plant Sensor Low Res - 53 kb | High Res - 262 kb
EasyBloom Plant Sensor in Ground Low Res - 451 kb | High Res - 1.6 mb
EasyBloom Plant Sensor Product Box Low Res - 365 kb | High Res - 1 mb Images

Plant Doctor High Res - 528 kb
Dashboard High Res - 264 kb
All Recommendations High Res - 600 kb
Find That Plant High Res - 684 kb

Wow Sheet


PlantSense, Inc. B-Roll


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