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About EasyBloom
PlantSense brings sensors and simplified web technology together to help home gardeners grow flourishing fruits, vegetables, flowers, trees and shrubs.

Matt Glenn, a guy who likes plants, but has killed more than his fair share of them sat in his hairdresser's chair, he noticed a couple of plants dying in a perfectly sunlit bay window. He asked the woman who cuts his hair, "What's wrong with your plants? That seems like a perfect place for them."

"No matter what plants I put in that window, they die," bemoaned the stylist.

As the scissors clipped, Matt's mind went to work. What if there was a device that could read all the environmental information in any location? What if it could then apply algorithms from botanists to recommend plants suited for those conditions? Matt's background in technology product development, coupled with his desire to solve problems, enabled him to turn his "what if" questions into a how-to company: PlantSense.

PlantSense received funding from several notable Silicon Valley Angel-Investors and Venture Capital firm Gabriel Venture Partners. Jim Long represents Gabriel on PlantSense's board of directors.

If you have questions about the EasyBloom Plant Sensor - or wishes for future products - please let us know. Our team is busy growing the seeds for more inspired PlantSense products and looks forward to hearing from you. Happy gardening!

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