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Interesting Facts

Stonecrops are ideal for green rooftops. In areas where green rooftops are prevalent, Stonecrops are beginning to replace grasses as the primary source of plant material. Additionally, these plants are known for their succulent leaves, which are primarily used for water storage. The succulent leaves provide better fire hazard protection because a Stonecrop covered rooftop has such a high concentration of water compared to grass covered roofs.

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Stonecrop   Maestro (Sedum)

Sedum 'Maestro' is a lovely sport of Sedum 'Matrona' with attractive glaucous blue-green foliage. In late summer, this sturdy perennial is topped with rosy-pink flower clusters that are made up of hundreds of tiny flowers. Sedum 'Maestro' retains its tidy, mounded shape every year and does not open up in the center like other Sedums do over time as the heavy flower stalks start to bend over. For this reason alone this cultivar is bound to be a very popular perennial in years to come. Special thanks to breeder and 'Maestro' himself, Gary Trucks, of Amber Wave Gardens for this terrific new plant.

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Plant Types: Perennial, Succulent
Light: Full Sun
Height: 2 feet to 2 feet 6 inches
Width: 2 feet
Zones: 3a to 9b
Bloom Color: Pink
Bloom Seasons: Late summer, Early fall, Mid fall, Late fall, Early winter, Mid winter
Leaf Color: Green, Purple
Special Features: Attractive foliage, Naturalizing, Rabbit resistant
Shape: Upright or erect
Fertilizer: Water Soluble Cactus Food
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Plant Care

Sow seeds in autumn but provide protection from the cold during the first winter. Planting indoors with sufficient light can provide that protection. If the species of Sedum is known to be less hardy, sow the seeds in spring.

Plant Growth:

Tough annuals, biennials, perennials, subshrubs, and shrubs with fleshy leaves. Perennials range from 1 inch tall mat-forming to 2 foot tall mounding habits.


Tiny, star-shaped, five petaled flowers in dense, showy clusters from half an inch to 8 inches across.

Soil and Irrigation:

Does best with well-drained, average to rich soil. Will also grow in poor, dry soil.


During the active growing season, provide the roots with a half-strength dilution of a complete fertilizer once per month.


Prone to scale, mealybugs, slugs & snails.