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Interesting Facts

The Genus Narcissus is said to be named after the hero Narcissus from Greek mythology. The flower first grew at the site where Narcissus died from drowning in a lake he fell into while obsessing over his own reflection.

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Daffodil   Virginia Sunrise (Narcissus)

Daffodils make easy bulbs for naturalizing. One bulb will divide into ten before you know it! They will grow great in your garden or in a container outside, and they make great cut flowers.

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Plant Types: Bulb, Interior Plant, Perennial
Light: Shade to Full Sun
Height: 1 foot 6 inches to 1 foot 8 inches
Width: 1 foot to 2 feet
Zones: 3a to 9b
Bloom Color: White, Yellow
Bloom Seasons: Mid spring
Leaf Color: Green
Special Features: All or parts of this plant are poisonous, Attractive foliage, Deer resistant, Naturalizing
Shape: Upright or erect
Fertilizer: High-Potash Fertilizer, Low-Nitrogen Fertilizer, Seaweed Fertilizer
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Plant Care

Daffodils can be planted either in the ground or in a pot during the fall. When planting the bulbs into the ground, space them 4-8" apart. If the Daffodils are going to be planted in a pot, a pot 14-16" in size can hold 18-24 bulbs. Immediately after planting the bulbs, deeply soak the soil.

Plant Growth:

Plant will generally grow to be about 1-2' tall.


The Daffodil will bloom in late winter and spring in colors that range from orange, yellow, or white. The blooms will typically face the sun.

Soil and Irrigation:

Daffodils require sandy, loamy soil that is well-drained. For the first week, water plant daily. Afterwards, water the plant as needed. Narcissus tazetta and N. jonquilla varieties do best with slightly alkaline soil, while N. bulbocodium, N. cyclamineus, and N. triandrus varieties prefer slightly acidic soil.


During the growing and blooming seasons, fertilize monthly.


After the blooms have faded, deadhead, but let the leaves continue to grow until they yellow.


Daffodils are susceptible to aphids and fungal diseases in dense, moist soils.