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Interesting Facts

Coral trees are often used as shade trees for coffee or cacao crops.

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Coral Tree   (Erythrina caffra)

Cape Kaffirboom
Lucky Bean Tree

E. caffra is native to South Africa. It drops its leaves in early winter. It bears big clusters of deep red-orange, tubular flowers that drip nectar. It bears light green foliage in the late winter or earlier.

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Plant Types: Perennial, Tree
Light: Full Sun
Height: 25 feet to 50 feet
Width: 25 feet to 35 feet
Zones: 11a to 11b
Bloom Color: Orange, Red
Bloom Seasons: Early spring, Mid spring, Late spring, Early summer, Mid summer, Late summer
Leaf Color: Green
Special Features: Not North American native
Shape: Rounded, Spreading or horizontal
Fertilizer: Low-Nitrogen Fertilizer, Miracle-Gro® Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food
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Plant Care

Sow seeds in spring at 70-75F. You can also propagate with semi-ripe cuttings or softwood cuttings, which root in summer. Semi-ripe cuttings are cuttings taken from semi-mature wood.

Plant Growth:

Erythrina does best in full sun in coastal areas with no frost, but any warm, dry climate is ok. It is typically thorny with strong structural value, whether in or out of leaf.


Prune old flower stalks to promote multiple flushes of flowers.

Soil and Irrigation:

Water deeply, infrequently to regularly, depending on species. Erythrina grows best in well-draining soils that are fertile and moist.


Implement a balanced liquid fertilizer monthly between spring and fall.


Trim after flowering, and prune hard in winter, but do not pollard the tree to the stump.


Spider mites and mealybugs. Other problems include leaf spots and fungal root rot.