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Cantaloupe   Sweet Bush Hybrid (Cucumis melo)

Space-saving, bush-type plants bear round, well-netted, 2 pound fruits. The flesh of these melons is flavorful, deep orange and juicy. Vigorous plants are resistant to powdery mildew and bear 3-4 fruits each. These seeds require warm air and soil temperatures before sowing in the garden. Ready to harvest in just 74 days from sowing.

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Plant Types: Annual, Fruit
Light: Full Sun
Height: 1 foot
Width: 10 feet
Bloom Color: Orange, Yellow
Bloom Seasons: Early summer, Mid summer, Late summer, Early fall, Mid fall, Late fall
Special Features: Edible
Fertilizer: High-Phosphate Fertilizer, High-Potash Fertilizer, Low-Nitrogen Fertilizer
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Plant Care

Plant seeds in a sunny spot one or two weeks after the last frost date.


When the desired size is achieved, snip off at the stem with pruning shears.

Soil and Irrigation:

Keep the soil moist by watering about 1" once every week. Do not water the crown of the plant, it can damage the roots.


Provide fertilizer with low nitrogen and high potassium and phosphorus for good fruit development.