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Expert Plant Care Help
...EasyBloom is a fun and practical gardening assistant that could pay for itself.
- Elsa Wenzel, Cnet, November 21, 2008
Expert Gardener, Brown Thumb, Never Gardened, Looking for a Housewarming Gift?

The EasyBloom Plant Sensor can help the expert gardener understand exactly what's going on in their garden with its precision monitoring of sun, soil moisture, soil fertility (with subscription) and temperature. If you have a brown thumb, the EasyBloom Plant Sensor will tell you whether you're over watering or under watering, or whether your plant needs different light or soil conditions. If you've never gardened, the EasyBloom Plant Sensor will tell you step by step what you need to know to get started gardening. The EasyBloom Plant Sensor is the perfect gardening gift for new homeowners who need help finding plants for a new location. All backed by our 30 day money back guarantee.

Free Online 6,000+ Plant Care Tips Library.

Access our 6,000+ Plant Library with information on when to plant, how to grow any plant, plant care tips and advice on everything from Abelia to Zinnias.

Want to Know What to Grow?

If you're planning a vegetable or herb garden, use the EasyBloom Plant Sensor to get a "plant's-eye" view and we'll tell you exactly what plants will thrive in your garden. Our patented technology recommends the right plant, flower, vegetable, tree, shrub or vine, for inside or outside. And don't forget to use the EasyBloom Plant Sensor on your trouble spots to see what plants will thrive! Stop wasting money and time on plants that aren't right for your environment--know what to grow, right from the start.

Have a sick hibiscus, gardenia or tomato plant?

EasyBloom Plant Sensor monitors the soil moisture, soil fertility (with subscription), light, and temperature to give you a "plants eye view". The Plant Doctor gives you expert plant care advice on how to care for your sick plant. Help all your indoor and outdoor plants with one EasyBloom Plant Sensor and put the Plant Doctor to work.

How the EasyBloom Plant Sensor helps any ailing plant AND gets you the garden of your dreams.

We brought NASA Mars Rover Technology down to Earth, with the help of our Plant Doctors! The EasyBloom Plant Sensor uses patent-protected sensors to measure sunlight, temperature, soil moisture and fertility. Use the sensor anywhere you want to measure your environment, indoor and outdoor. Put the sensor into the USB port on your computer, and your reading will be analyzed by our Plant Doctor Algorithms to recommend plants, or assess the health of your plant. Use the EasyBloom Plant Sensor over and over again, season after season, to help care for your plants and decide what to plant.

...people will think of this like a shovel,
something you don't garden without.
- Holly Hayes, San Jose Mercury News, June 21, 2008
What Do I Get?
  • EasyBloom Sunlight and Temperature Sensor (top)
  • EasyBloom Soil Moisture and Fertility Sensor (bottom)
  • USB extension cable
  • AAA Battery
  • Yellow Petal
  • Green Stand for Indoor Use
  • Quick Start Guide
  • FREE Access to the 6,000+ Plant Care Library
*Soil Fertility requires a separate subscription
*EasyBloom works ONLY in the United States

The EasyBloom Plant Sensor is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7.  For Mac we support Mac OS X v10.5 and later.